The company has roots going back to the early millennia with the legendary variety show Salong Giraff in Stockholm. As it progressed, one of the creatives behind the show, circus performer Viktoria Dalborg, decided to carry on the legacy and formed Kompani Giraff. She was joined by visionary magician Axel Adlercreutz and high fashion designer Sus Soddu. The three artistic directors, together with their handpicked ensemble, create shows with the unique flavor of visual elegance, fluid magic and intelligent choreography which the company is known for today.

Boredom Eve

When Antti is bored he goes to Jonny The Scrap Collector and Leif Nordin - the best neighbors in the world. They claim that just like Christmas Eve and Midsummer’s Eve, there is also a Boredom Eve. It’s simply the dullest day of the year and it’s just today. There are many fine traditions such as cleaning, wardrobe fishing and bathtub diving. But even though they strive to be really bored, they fail - they have simply too much fun.  Read more...


Two circus performers create living sculptures from common objects and their own bodies. Through acrobatics and magic, they find moments of balance, where almost everything is perfect and still. As this moment is quite fragile, it requires concentration but also a little bit of luck. With elegant movements they create installations where the different kind of elements have to interact and keeping the picture from falling apart. The performance is about how imagination gives us an opportunity to go from nothing to something, from nowhere to anywhere. Read more...

Hoc est corpus

Hoc est corpus är en poetisk magiföreställning för mellanstadiet om att bege sig in i en ny värld, om en kropp som bedrar och om ritualer på gränsen till det ockulta. Hoc est corpus betyder ”detta är kroppen” och är inledningen till nattvarden på latin och i folkmun blev trollformeln ”hokus pokus”. Read more...

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