Boredom Eve

A circus show about the most boring day of the year. Based on a children’s book by Adam Dahlin. 
When Antti is bored he goes to Jonny The Scrap Collector and Leif Nordin - the best neighbors in the world. They claim that just like Christmas Eve and Midsum- mer’s Eve, there is also a Boredom Eve. It’s simply the dullest day of the year and it’s just today. There are many fine traditions such as cleaning, wardrobe fishing and bathtub diving. But even though they strive to be really bored, they fail - they have simply too much fun.

After a children's book by: Adam Dahlin
Dramatization: Stina Oscarson
Director: Viktoria Dalborg
On stage:
 Julietta Birkeland, Jenny Soddu, Jean-Hicham Rahmoun
Music: Magnus Larsson
Scenography and costume design: Sus Soddu
Light design: June Horton-White
Mask: Matilda Bragner
Magic consultant: Axel Adlercreutz
Choreography eye: Katarina Lundmark
Film & Photo: Isak Stockås

Tour dates 2018
15/9 PREMIERE Fria Teatern, Stockholm
15/12 Fria Teatern, Stockholm

Tour dates 2019
25/1 Järfälla, Stockholm
25/1 Järfälla, Stockholm
26/1 Järfälla, Stockholm

2/2 Västerås Kulturhus, Västerås

5/2 Haninge Kulturhus, Stockholm
5/2 Haninge Kulturhus, Stockholm
6/2 Haninge Kulturhus, Stockholm
6/2 Haninge Kulturhus, Stockholm
7/2 Haninge Kulturhus, Stockholm
7/2 Haninge Kulturhus, Stockholm

11/2 Fria Teatern, Stockholm (Cirkus Mania Festival)

19/2 Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg
19/2 Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg
20/2 Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg
20/2 Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg

21/2 Stenkrossens Stora Scen, Lund
21/2 Stenkrossens Stora Scen, Lund

17/3 Barnens Littfest, Umeå

22/3 Järfälla

5/5 Konsertteatern, Sundsvall
6/5 Konsertteatern, Sundsvall
7/5 Konsertteatern, Sundsvall

26/6 Kortreist dansefestival, Turnéteatret i Trøndelag, Norge

6/9 Bengtsfors, Odeon Teatern

7/9 Karlstad, Abundance Dance Festival

10/9 Finspång Kulturhus
11/9 Finspång Kulturhus

20/9 Tibble Teater, Täby
21/9 Tibble Teater, Täby

3/10 Gula Villan, Södertälje

5/10 Bollnäs Kulturhus
7/10 Bollnäs Kulturhus

8/10 Söderhamns Teater
9/10 Söderhamns Teater
10/10 Söderhamns Teater

31/10 Vetlanda

10/11 Stora Teatern, Göteborg
11/11 Stora Teatern, Göteborg

14/11 Dieselverkstaden, Sickla
15/11 Dieselverkstaden, Sickla
16/11 Dieselverkstaden, Sickla – Offentlig
18/11 Dieselverkstaden, Sickla
19/11 Dieselverkstaden, Sickla
20/11 Dieselverkstaden, Sickla

29/11 Haninge Kulturhus
30/11 Haninge Kulturhus – Offentlig

3/12 CCAP, Farsta
4/12 CCAP, Farsta
5/12 CCAP, Farsta
6/12 CCAP, Farsta
7/12 CCAP, Farsta – Offentlig